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San Andreas is Unshakeable

Casey Wells, Crown Reporter

June 24, 2015

San Andreas's cliches and predictability can become too much at times, but it is a fun movie to see and has brilliant special effects.

Spring Sports Awards

Team coaches hand out individual awards to athletes.

Grace Dawson, Crown Editor

June 23, 2015

  At Marian there are several seasons of sports. Fall sports kick off the school year, and are looked at as a new start. Yet, perhaps the ‘new start’ is rather found at the end of the year. Spring sports awards are used as a platform to launch a whole summer of preparation. The Senio...

Game of Thrones: The Quest for Restroom Renovations

Game of Thrones: The Quest for Restroom Renovations

Crown Staff

June 22, 2015

    This summer, yet another area of the school has been targeted for major renovation:  the "middle" restrooms.  After visiting the impeccable new restrooms in the science wing and gym commons, the middle restrooms felt somewhat like time-travelling back to the 1960's.  Dim fluor...

Senior Breakfast 2015

Parents transform school cafeteria into bright breakfast buffet.

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

June 7, 2015

In a final act of revenge before graduation, the graduating Class of 2015 blocked the halls in front of the cafeteria for none other than the Senior Breakfast. When the doors finally opened, the seniors flooded into a cafeteria that seemed almost unrecognizable. Streamers, balloons, and brightly colored...

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