Summer Jobs- Just a Poor Student from a Poor Family


Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

Work always seems to be plentiful over the summer, from volunteer work programs to part-time seasonal jobs, these few months give students a lot of opportunities to stay busy and most importantly, get some extra spending money. Although volunteer work is always emphasized as being important because of its role in looking good on college and other applications, work experience can have just as much, if not more, of an impact on your applications.


Having a job can present you with a lot of responsibilities on the spot, even if it’s part-time, if you’re successful with your job this will let those colleges or organizations know that you’re up to taking on big responsibilities and that you present yourself as a leader who takes charge and doesn’t slack off too easily. Jobs can also help you with some time-management skills. Some jobs can have pretty long hours, and balancing that with summer sports, volunteering, a social life, and sleeping can seem impossible, but once you get used having a work schedule it might get easier to keep up with all of that. Plus, time-management is definitely something that can help you out during the school year!


Now, the only task left to do is to start searching, but where do you start? Well, before you start worrying about hours, pay, location, and other small details, find a position that sounds interesting to you. If you want to work outdoors or with kids, try your local park district. Because park districts are often seasonal facilities they are always in need of part-time workers to run camps, lifeguard at pools, cashier, and even instruct classes. Also, because these facilities are seasonal, once summer is over your job is too;so if you’re not quite ready to commit to both school and a job you can take time off to focus on the school year and then reapply for the following summer. If you start becoming a returning employee, you could have a job waiting for you each summer, and that could be a serious help through both high school and college.
But if the park district idea doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, retail and foodservice establishments are just as in need of summer workers as seasonal facilities. Why not apply at your favorite store at the mall? Or your favorite restaurant? Then you can have some extra money to spend there and a pretty handy employee discount to go with it. There are even more opportunities out there than the ones mentioned here, so don’t be afraid to start looking and get out there. Sure, you may not get the first job that you apply for, but don’t let that discourage you. Your first job also may not be your favorite, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be a good experience for you. Experiences like this both good and bad are important to life and help you to grow and mature as a person, and if you land your dream job in the future you may even look back on that first summer at Culver’s as an experience that shaped you in some way.