A Blast from the Past

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

On Tuesday, September 22nd, the parents of many Marian students attended the annual Back to School Night, an event that gives that parents something to remember, literally. Parents are given the class schedule of their child and in turn attend each of the classes during the course of the night, essentially living out a day in the life of a Marian student. For each class the respective teacher gives an overview of his or her class, some even include a small syllabus to give the parents a feel for the expectations their children are meant to meet.

For some parents, this night certainly brings back plenty of memories, which raises the question, how is high school today different from the high school our parents knew? There are some who would argue that high school today is easier than what they knew, but it is arguable that these people have ever actually walked in the shoes of a modern high school student. In reality, several of the parents who attended Back to School Night made the comment that high school classes today are far different and even more difficult than what they were able to take as teenagers. One parent, who is also alumni of Marian, comments, “Although the philosophy of Marian has stayed the same, this school certainly has evolved with the times in regard to preparing students for exams like the ACT. I feel like I can really see more of the college prep work that the teachers and administration do now than when I was a student here.” It is very true that many high schools today have had to adjust curriculum to keep up with the ever-changing material of exams like the ACT and SAT, and many parents agree that upping the difficulty of classes in preparation for those exams is a good thing.

Parents have said that the heavier workload and stricter grading scale of the classes at Marian are perfect for preparing students for the same stressful workload that they will experience in college and even in the workfield later on. “ Marian is good at teaching kids problem-solving skills that they will need later on, both when they are starting out in college and when they settle down in a career of their choice. My belief is that if they can do it here, they can do it in the real world”, explains another parent. Hearing all that positive feedback is certainly encouraging to both the faculty and administration here at Marian. With all of this heartfelt support, the school will continue to prepare the next generation of college students and career chasers for the stress they will face in the real world. But all of that stress has a purpose, because at the end of those exams and heavy workloads is the reward of personal success and achievement.