Marian’s Pro-Life Movement

Chris Sloan

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Sydney Merryman, Crown Staff

Marian Central is a great place when it comes to its clubs and sports, having a wide variation for students of every interest. One of these groups is the Pro-Life Rosary group, whose name is pretty self-explanatory. Father Doyle is the leader of this group that often leads prayer together, and is open to anyone who wants to come to join them. The group meets at different times and in different places, but it is usually held in the Chapel or room 133. The rosary usually goes from 7:30 A.M. to noon so there is always a chance to visit.
To find out when or where the group is meeting, check the calendar on the Marian website, or speak to Father Doyle. If he does not have an answer then he will give the student the name of someone who can answer any questions, such as Kelly Mirle. Check on the Marian calendar every few weeks to see if any meetings have been moved around for time. While the rosary group is a good thing to join, service to the group is to help with any pro-life projects that the school may have; such as donating baby clothes, toys, and diapers, and if you really want to help out then you could go on the March for Life trip. If students would like to suggest any projects that the group could do go see Father Doyle, Kelly Mirle, or Mrs. Jelinek who also helps with the pro-life movement. “It is fine if people come to see me about it,” Mrs. Jelinek said. “It is better if you ask Father Doyle but if you can’t then you can come to me.” This group is committed to a very important and worthwhile cause and hopes to see more students come to join and support them in the future!

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