Homecoming Week: Movie Day

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

From cute Disney, to classic John Hughes, every student found a favorite character to portray on the first day of Homecoming Week, Movie Day. This theme clearly brought out the creative side of everyone with homemade costumes and inventive ideas. The first place winners for the day were Becca Corn (11) as Darla from “Finding Nemo”; John Hintz as Alan from “The Hangover”, Luke Dowell, Connor Greig, and Peyson Wilde as King Arthur and the knights from “Monty Python”, and Monica Juarez, McKenzie Lindquist, Norah Cetera, Hannah Gillespie, Sheila Sagear as characters from “The Wizard of Oz”. When asked about his costume, John Hintz commented, “I wanted to do a funny, original character, and the outfit was fun to piece together for today. I’m a one man wolfpack”. Movie Day definitely started Homecoming Week on a high note!