The Royals of Marian

Cassidy Grubbe, Crown Staff

On September 28th, the senior class voted for the 2015 homecoming court. The court consisted of: Hannah Gillespie, Alexandra Kaufmann, Nicole Rhodes, Harper Holyoak, Justine Arejola, Alison Dobbins, Sean Keisling, Lucas Morrissey, Lucas Dowell, Gavin Dineen, Emitt Peisert, and Matthew Crook. In the middle of the excitement of homecoming week, the king and queen were voted on by their peers. However the results to this voting would not be revealed until the big game Friday night.

The crowd was all bundled up at Harding Field on October 9th, and the evening was cold, but clear. The anticipation was high as everyone waited for the court to be announced onto the field. When asked how it felt to be representing Marian Central on their court this year, Hannah Gillespie responded saying, “I was quite humbled and honored to be on court. I feel the love of my classmates and Marian is truly a family.” The crowd cheered as they walked the length of the football field escorted by their parents who were glowing with pride. As the court stood side by side in the center of the field, former homecoming queen and king, Ariel Majewski and Michael Peters, returned to crown the new king and queen.

Ariel and Michael took turns raising the crowns above each of the candidate’s head, causing an uproar in the crowd for what seemed like hours instead of minutes. Finally, the crowns rested on the heads of Nicole Rhodes and Emitt Peisert making them the new queen and king of homecoming 2015. Describing the feeling,  Nicole Rhodes said, “Being homecoming queen was something that I never expected, but the excitement I received from my friends and family meant the world to me.”