Undertale Review

All photo credits go to Tobyfox

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

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Released on September 15th, Undertale is a story-filled game that combines elements of the traditional RPG (role-playing game), with a comedic story line and truly lovable characters. The story of this game centers around a young human who has fallen down into the world of monsters, namely the ruins that have trapped imagesmany humans before them. Stumbling and wandering quite aimlessly through the ruins leads the human to come across some interesting characters. A pair of skeleton brothers, a friendly yet intimidating royal guard, a brilliant yet shy female scientist, and many more quirky individuals can be found in this game, and the more you explore, the more friends you’re sure to come across. This game has been especially praised for its ability to evoke strong emotions in the player, despite having a humorous and innocent appearance at first. Well, a player is only sure to get that appearance by playing through a pacifist route. Content for this game is unlocked and experienced entirely through player choice, and depending on what set “route” of choices you go through will determine which content you receive and what ending you’ll find. The three choice routes in Undertale have been described as the Good-Child, Neutral, and Bad-Child routes; the Good-Child route, meaning that you progress through the game without harming any enemies; the neutral route, meaning that you progress through the game with only harming a few enemies; and the Bad-Child route, meaning that you have beaten the game by harming every single monster you encounter. Whichever route you choose will determine your player experience, and in turn, what emotions this game will provoke within you. Not much else can be said about this game without spoiling the truly unique player experience it offers, but what can be said is that Undertale is a game worth experiencing. The story and characters that this game offers are three-dimensional and whichever route you choose will explore some very deep and emotional themes. No matter the route you choose, Undertale will be a hard game to forget, and in turn, the game may have a hard time forgetting your choices.

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