From Student to Teacher

From Student to Teacher


Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

Teaching at a school that you formerly attended as a student can be a challenge, but also can help offer insight as to how to improve learning conditions in the classroom. This year, Marian welcomes Ms. Carran, an alumni, to the teaching staff. Her classes for the year include Trigonometry, Trigonometry Honors, and Algebra 1B. She recalls her high school experience at Marian as, “Very busy, but rewarding. I was a really academic student, and was apart of extracurriculars as well.”

Back when Ms. Carran also had to wear a red sweater and navy pants, Marian was not so different from what it is now. She was involved in Key Club, Madrigals, Cross Country, Track and Field, the Spring Musical, and National Honors Society. “I think it’s fun to see some of my students joining the same clubs and sports that I was in,” she comments. Academics were also very important to Ms. Carran, her favorite subject being math. She eventually went on to start tutoring friends and other classmates because she enjoyed helping them study, and eventually found an interest in teaching. “Even as a kid, I would teach my stuffed animals, and write up lesson plans and homework for them”, Ms. Carran adds

After graduation, Ms. Carran went on to get her undergrad degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She majored in Secondary Education of Mathematics, combining her love of math and teaching. She continued to be involved in music, her faith, academic societies, and math societies while in college. Attending higher education is a plan for Ms. Carran eventually, but first she wants to enjoy her job teaching here,

Although her perspective has changed since being a student, Ms. Carran believes that the best part of Marian is that it has upheld the same standards of family and community throughout the years, and teaching here has helped her learn and grow as a teacher, as well as a person.