Thursday Night Lights?

Haley Hartmann, Crown Staff

Marian has a hockey team? Who knew! Marian Central’s floor hockey team has been around for several seasons now. This year, six teams are participating in hopes of becoming the champions of the 2016 season. The teams include: “Swiss Pounders”, “Farquad Star Squad”, “The Champs”, “Gouda Gang”, “4Ply”, and “Shooting Blanks”.

The “Swiss Pounders” are 5-0 currently in the season. Left defensive player Ben Taylor (12) comments on why he wanted to join a team by saying, “I always thought it would be my destiny to join the Swiss Pounders. I knew that they were an elite group of hockey players and I thought that it would give my life true importance to be one of them.” Teammate Carter Strode (12) knew “that it was going to be a fun thing to do towards the end of my senior year.” Compared to the other sports Marian has to offer, floor hockey teams play other Marian teams, which makes it a little more competitive. Despite the competition among classmates, Taylor believes that “it is the most amazing feeling in the world to be playing against your friends.” However, sometimes players forget about their friendships when out on the floor. Taylor adds, “To be honest once we’re out there playing, we’re all just players with a goal and if I have to dominate one of my friends I will.”

It has certainly been a great season so far, for both spectators and viewers. Strode “wouldn’t want to spend his last moments as a senior anyway else.” To anyone considering playing next year, take Ben’s advice: “It’s the most intense two hours of the week you will have. If you don’t join, you have no idea what you are missing.” Games are every Thursday in the AUX gym from around 7:45-9:30pm. Go and cheer on our ‘Canes!
(Update: Congratulations to the Swiss Pounders for becoming the 2016 Floor Hockey Champions!)