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Batman v Superman: Dawn of a Mediocre Film

image credit: Warner Bros

Casey Wells, Club Editor

April 27, 2016

How the Dawn of Justice became the Twilight of Potential.

Do You Accept Rachel’s Challenge?

Do You Accept Rachel's Challenge?

Alex Benn, Crown Writer

April 10, 2016

Rachel Joy Scott, one of the 12 victims in the Columbine tragedy of 1999, has fulfilled her mission to “motivate, educate, and bring positive change to many young people”. Her story and intention to touch the hearts of millions make her a role model to all, and has inspired a national club to be...

Gavin Olsen Photography

Gavin Olsen Photography

Gavin Olsen, Staff Writer

April 7, 2016

Leaping Up

Leaping Up

Cassidy Grubbe, Crown Staff

April 4, 2016

Dance is a major sport that is overlooked by many. Commonly thought of as just the halftime entertainment until the “real sport” comes back on. However, what the crowd does not know is the all the preparation that goes into each routine. Dancers start classes at just two years old training to develop...

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