Managing the Team

Managing the Team

Hayley Hartmann, Crown Writer

Alayna Herbst has been a manager for the boys basketball team since freshman year. Herbst wanted to get involved because she “loves the sport, but isn’t good at actually playing basketball. I thought this position would be perfect!” Freshman year, she learned how everything was done, and each year Herbst worked her way up to managing at the varsity level.

As a manager, Herbst was in charge of all the of behind-the-scenes work. She attended all of the practices, running the clock and helping with equipment. At the games she was responsible for filming, taking stats, and bookkeeping. However, her work was not done there, Herbst sent all of the stats from each game to the press, including the Northwest Herald, Sun Times, and the Woodstock Independent.

Basketball managers from previous years guided Herbst, teaching her how to do everything but play on the court. Herbst comments, “Senior year was different from last year because we had more responsibilities and didn’t have older managers to guide us. But, we learned a lot from them last year, and we passed that down to the managers for next year.”

As she reflects on these past four years managing, Herbst finds that she has loved every moment of it. She has made new friends, and learned so much from the coaches. Herbst now looks forward to cheering on her new basketball team, the Miami (Ohio)University Redhawks.