A Leader in Faith


Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

Peter Kolner wanted to spend his last year at Marian helping others and making it a rewarding end to high school. He was chosen as a retreat leader for Mr. Pipitone, “

I wanted to use this opportunity to better myself while spending time with my classmates and with God”

— Peter Kolner

.” His favorite part of helping out with retreats was writing and giving a speech to the seniors. Peter liked giving his talk because he “got to talk to my friends and classmates about the importance of family, and how it really affects your faith life.” A fun memory he recalls is “beating Mr. Pipitone in cards during overnight retreats.”

Outside of school, Peter helped organize and lead retreats for people going through confirmation, and describes it as “a really fun experience that I’m glad I was part of. Teaching others about God really helped me learn about myself.”Another way Peter helped out was through being a mentor. He started his junior year, and loved teaching and advising his mentees, as he felt it was an additional way to make a difference.

Another important activity to Peter is baseball. He played all four years, and plans on playing at Rock Valley College where he will major in Construction Management. Although these experiences are ending, Peter tells that he’s “excited to graduate and leave for college, and I’m glad that I had the chances and opportunities that Marian offered.”