Au Revoir!


Allison Royer will continue to use her leadership skills to succeed tremendously as she attends the University of South Carolina!

As member of the French Honor Society, Allison Royer has had several unique experiences with the French language. Having taken French for three years at Marian and over the summer in France, she has learned more than just what the words themselves translate to in English. When asked what she admires about the language the most she describes the “elegant flow and sophisticated sound of the conversation” as some of her favorite aspects. In order to be inducted into the French Honor Society, Royer had to earn an A in the class for three semesters, of which she earned over a hundred percent in all three. Her success in high school French is only a precursor of what is to come.

Royer plans on double majoring in French and international business to further her immersion in the culture and language. After becoming familiar with the language through Marian, she decided to extend her studies by traveling to a boarding school outside of Paris for two weeks where she would study in the morning, learning the language and culture, then in the afternoon they would travel around Paris to historic landmarks. While going on the excursions, the group comprised of students from all over the world would practice their French while enjoying the scenery and culture of France itself. Some advice Royer would like to offer to younger students is to not under appreciate the language and culture of France and to be a leader in everything they do.