Helping Around the World


Jake Tinkham, Crown Staff

Haley Hartmann went on a service trip to help a country in need. She traveled to a country in the South Pacific called Fiji. Fiji, although known for its numerous islands and breathtaking beaches, is a very poor, third world country. Hartmann’s mission trip lasted nine days filled with construction projects, visits to villages, teaching in schools, and becoming great friends with the natives.

Her trip started with a quick 4 hour flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, and continued with a long 13 hour flight to Fiji. Hartmann shared that her desire to participate in a service trip was because “

I’ve been so blessed in my life, and feel obligated to give back. I chose to go to Fiji with an organization known for making an impact”

— Haley Hartmann

.” It was Hartmann’s fourth time out of the country “I wanted to immerse myself in a culture far different than my own and learn from the native people.” Hartmann said she met many great people and learned many things from the natives of Fiji. She reflected on her memories sharing, “I returned home needing less and appreciating more.”

Escaping reality for a little while and learning from people whose lifestyle is completely different from your own is surely an eye-opening experience. Hartmann described, “I went to help in any way I could, but in the end they’re the ones that helped me. I left there with  lifelong memories that I will never forget” Hartmann is very excited to join service groups and continue this passion for service at Marquette University.