A Photo Finish!


We wish Suzie (pictured middle right) the best of luck as she carries on her love of photography and amazing work ethic at the University of Iowa!

Yearbooks are one of the most iconic symbols of high school life, books full of built up memories for every student, but how often do students think about all of the work that goes into compiling those memories? Suzie Osterheld (12) has been an editor for The Memorare yearbook for three years now and despite the stressful moments, has loved every minute of it.

With being an editor for such a long time, Osterheld has had an opportunity to really see how the yearbook grows and changes with each new set of staffers, as she comments,“Over the past three years, personally, I have seen Marian’s yearbook grow immensely. We have had so many talented photographers!” Many people seem to believe that making a yearbook is an easy job, as all you do is take pictures, upload them, and place them, but calling yearbooking “easy” could not be further from the truth.
The beginning of the year is intimidating, with the looming threat of so many photos to take and so many pages to compile, it’s hard to believe that someone would want to be in charge of all that. But Osterheld has proven that she has the work ethic and determination to make it all happen. Amidst all the stress she says that it’s that final click of submission that makes it all worth it in the end, she explains, “The last feelings of stress all wash away, and I just reflect on how proud I am of the staff’s and my work.” With graduating, Osterheld is passing on all of her responsibilities to a new team of editors. She hopes that the future teams will be able to reach the 100% student coverage goal every year!