A “Tribute” to Luke Dowell


The Marian theatre is saddened to lose such a talented actor, but there is no doubt that Luke Dowell will be chosen for greatness at Marquette University!

The Variety Show, on May 20th, was a great way to end the school year! Senior Luke Dowell had been involved in seven school productions, and this was his second Variety Show. This time around Dowell had the opportunity to share the director title with Mr. S. Lalor and Connor Greig (12). For this production Dowell directed, performed, and emceed. He and Connor Grieg performed the song “Tribute” by Tenacious D, and Dowell said he couldn’t  wait to see Nick Edwards (11) and Casey Wells (10) perform “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by Dean Martin. Every year the performances just get better and better! Last year’s Variety Show encouraged Dowell to participate and even audition for a lead role in this year’s show. The fall play, You Can’t Take it With You, was Dowell’s favorite production yet. He says, “The cast really fit our characters. We were all able to have a lot of fun with our roles.” The Marian Theatre is extremely lucky to have someone as entertaining and talented as Dowell. To someone who might be nervous about performing, Dowell would remind them how great the audiences at shows are. “People came to see you, so they are there for a reason,” he says. Dowell’s positive influence has helped many underclassmen deal with performance anxiety, as he able to go with the flow and laugh about anything! In theater, pressure can be high, and having  support makes everything a little less stressful. The Marian theatre will miss Luke Dowell incredibly as he ventures out of the Marian community to share his gift with Marquette University.