Leading to the Lord


Joe Herff has proven himself to be an excellent role model in the faith, and will continue to leave a lasting mark on others well into his college years.

For the past six years, Kairos has been something that students look forward to. Joe Herff (12) has had the privilege of going on the retreat his junior year, and then leading it his senior year. Herff was honored that he was chosen as a leader for this retreat; he was born with the skills to take control and be a leader worth following.
From being captain of the wrestling team for three years, to leading retreatants to Christ, Herff has been a positive influence. He is looked up to by both his small groups and many others he interacted with on the retreat.
Herff says, “I am really good friends with everyone I met on Kairos. We still laugh about the inside jokes made up at the retreat.” The
bond he had with his senior retreat leaders was one that he wanted to recreate with his own group. Herff took this opportunity as leader to really get to know the class below him. He comments on the humility of being a leader: “I didn’t know that people actually look up to me and care about what I have to say.” He went on the Kairos retreat with the intention of leading the juniors to God, only to realize that, in the end, they lead him to the true meaning of stewardship. Joe Herff may be leaving to attend UW-Lacrosse he has certainly left his mark here at Marian.