The Class of 2020 Begins

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Smiling faces and neon yellow shirts were the first things the class of 2020 saw as they walked through the doors of Marian Central Catholic High on Thursday, August 23rd. The mentors had already prepared a day’s worth of activities to get the freshmen ready for their first day of high school. The day started off with a mass held in the gym, set up in the same way it will be when they graduate. Fr. Doyle gave an inspiring speech to encourage the freshmen to set goals for themselves and have a productive high school experience. The students then headed off to begin activities in their designated homerooms.

The mentors introduced games that would help them get to know each other, which included the freshmen-mentor dance tradition. Next, the freshman went to all their schedules for the year. Mentors packed the halls, ready to assist any student in need of guidance. Following the classes, students went back to their homerooms to finish their bonding activities. At the end of orientation, all of the freshmen homerooms and their mentors  took to the stage for a final dance-off between homerooms, ending with no clear winner.

The day ended with Mr. Rome and the Marian pep band, assisted by senior mentor Dan Elder, leading the freshman in the school fight song.Freshman Leah Taylor commented on the day by saying,  “I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The mentors were open to any questions and were very friendly”. Freshman Nicholas Lafigliola said, “I thought it helped me get used to the school”, when asked about his experience. Overall, a successful day for both the freshman and mentors.