Gems of the South Pacific

Kennidy Giles, Crown Staff

Traveling is not a stranger to senior Sydney Water’s, she has been fortunate enough to take on life-changing adventures all over the world. Two summers ago she traveled to Spain, last summer she visited Costa Rica, and this past summer she journeyed to Fiji and New Zealand. This summer she traveled through the company Global Works, which gives opportunities to kids all over the world to travel to travel abroad. Waters traveled alone, not knowing anyone on the trip, but by the time the plane left she had met people she would talk to for the rest of her life. The stories of what and who she encountered along this trip are spectacular.

Waters’ trip to the South Pacific was about three and a half weeks long, she spent the first two weeks in New Zealand and the last ten days in Fiji. This trip  was half a service project and half a home stay. While in New Zealand she worked in the forest cutting down dangerous trees that were killing off a species of bird called the Kiwi. The Kiwi bird is one of New Zealand’s most endangered species, and Waters was given the chance to help save it .

In Fiji, Waters stayed in a underprivileged village with no running water or electricity. While in the village, she learned about culture and customs of the native peoples, and quickly fell in love with them. She built two houses for the village people and taught an English and geography class to children, but her trip was not all work. In New Zealand she  visited the amazing glow worm caves, rock climbed, and went surfing. In Fiji she went scuba diving along the beautiful reefs and visited a untouched waterhole. Both places gave Waters memories worth saving forever.

Sydney Waters was given an opportunity that few people get.   Travelling to the South Pacific and was one of the most breathtaking experiences she said she would ever go one. She describes her favorite part of the trip as, “surfing at sunset, because the sky was the most perfect pink.” Waters stated that she could not pick which location  was better, because they were both the most beautiful places she had ever seen.