I Am, You Are, We Are…

The announcement of the spiritual theme

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

The first all-school mass was highly anticipated by the student body because of the reveal of Father Doyle’s annual theme for the year. Students sat in Landers Pavilion, speculating about the new theme and trying to remember themes from past years.

When the time for the homily arrived, Father briefly explained the importance of having a theme to reflect on, and how he searched for inspiration for this year. “To figure out this year’s theme, I went back to the basics of who we are at Marian Central. I was in prayer, and I was moved to think about our school’s vision and mission statement” he describes.

Marian’s mission statement is the school’s dedication “to welcoming all who seek Truth and strive to live by it; to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the Way, the Truth, and the Life—by our sharing of the Catholic faith in word and deed; to forming students in mind, body, and soul through our college preparatory curriculum, diversity of extracurricular activities,and program of spiritual growth; and to sending servants into the world equipped with their God-given talents and acquired wisdom to spread God’s kingdom”

With these ideas in mind, Father announced the theme for the year: “We are MC.” Some students were initially confused as they have usually heard that phrase shouted as a call-and-response at sports games. But Father Doyle explained that the theme is not about pride or school spirit, but a connection and belief in Marian Central’s values and it’s mission. In this context, the theme has a meaningful and introspective interpretation that students can easily connect with.

“It’s a declaration of who each of us is, and who we are as a school.  It is our identity…and it is a challenge.  In order for us to say ‘We are MC,’ each of us has to live out that first, personal commitment: ‘I am MC.’  That’s not always easy to do, and that’s why we are going to spend the year reflecting and working on it.” explains Father.

Before closing his homily, it only seemed appropriate to have the students loudly proclaim together: “I am MC. We are MC.”