Homecoming Game vs. Carmel

Conor Smith, Crown Staff

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After a fun week of dressing up for the various themes that go with homecoming week, nothing is better to close the week and start the weekend than screaming and cheering for your football team. The team’s head coach, Mike Maloney, was asked about the team’s preparation, he was pleased at how “We got better as the week went along. Monday was a little slow, Tuesday was better, and so on.” This week was one of the better ones for the team and it showed in their hard efforts on Friday night as they battled all-out against Carmel. Maloney was pleased with how they played and how they prepared that week for the game.

The game started out with a stop by the Carmel defense, forcing the Hurricanes to punt the ball and give Carmel their first chance on offense. With their first drive, Carmel scored a touchdown on a twenty-nine yard run down the field, followed by a good extra point kick. After a few drives from both teams, the Hurricanes finally got a touchdown in the second quarter off of a two yard run. Another touchdown each in the second half caused the Hurricanes and the Corsairs to enter their first overtime. Each team scored in the equal opportunity overtime, causing the game to enter a second overtime, where Carmel was the first to score, and, unfortunately, Marian was stopped at the goal line. The game ended up with a sad loss of 38-45 for the Hurricanes on their homecoming night.

When asked how the game went, Maloney said he was proud of “the level of intensity, focus, and effort, that our program put in on that day. I thought it was a great tribute to the aura or philosophy about Marian.” He had “shuffled some personnel around on defense” to combat some of the tactics of Carmel and had the offense “have commitment to really represent what we do well.” As the season is going into the colder weeks, we hope to see this intensity and hard work continue, hopefully extending the season well into the playoffs and maybe even to the State Championship. Go Canes!

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