Poms Team Showcases Their Spirit

Abigail Noe, Crown Staff

The Marian Central Dance Team has been practicing for this year’s season since July.  Right from the beginning they had to learn new dances and techniques to prepare themselves for the upcoming games, competitions, and prep rallies.  The team is coached by Chris Oppasser, and is also led by their captains, Tori DiSilvio (11) and Claire Van Der Bosch (12).  Olivia Thielsen (10), a member on the poms team, says, “ They both are very good leaders, have a lot of dance experience, and know all the dances very well.”  With their leadership, the team has been successful in entertaining the school with their performances.

The dance team was initially showcased at the first football game in August.  “Before going on the field, “I was nervous of making a mistake or forgetting the dance. After, I always feel confident in how we performed.” says Thielsen .  Every time the team practices for a big game, they always make sure everyone is comfortable with the dance and that everyone knows the dance well.  Besides overcoming nerves, the dance team also had to stay focused when learning new dances.  Sometimes they even had to learn a completely new dance in just a few hours, showing how determined they were to make every performance unique and special.

This year’s Poms team has done a phenomenal job at every one of their performances.  Even though the football season is coming to an end, the poms team will soon be performing at basketball games, competing at competitions, and will be showcased at other Marian events.