Spirit Week Recap: Wednesday

Circus Performer Day

Kennidy Giles, Crown Staff

As the circus theme continues onto day three, which is dress as a performer in a circus, the student body had no problems dressing for the parts. The halls were filled to the top with circus performers on Wednesday of homecoming week. From beautiful acrobats and intriguing fortune tellers to creepy clowns and tricky magicians, our school could have passed for a serious circus. Many were dressed head to toe as clowns which for a lot of people, might have been their worst nightmare.
There were some great costumes and ideas that the students brought to day three. One costume that stood out the most was made by Mariel Ronquillo, a senior. She made a handmade fortune teller booth out of cardboard. This six foot golden booth included an open window and slot for coins. Sadly she did not wear it throughout the full day, but it was placed in the halls for everyone to see. Circus performer day will be one for the books as many will never forget turning the corners and seeing clowns everywhere. The next day was Jocks and Nerds, and the final day was Spirit wear.