The Most Bittersweet Night

Sydney Waters, Crown Staff

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As the vibrant sun goes down, the bleachers begin to fill with screaming fans dressed in “farm” gear for senior night. A new theme is picked by the senior spirit leaders for each sporting event. Inspired by Sam Olrich (12), the theme for senior night was “farmers” which consisted of pitchforks, stuffed-animal chickens, and a variety of multicolored flannels. On the other end of the bleachers from the student section, the parents of senior football players, cheerleaders, dance team members, and athletic trainers line up alongside their children. Each senior waited for their name to be called and their picture to be taken. Everyone watches as they accept their roses and give long, tearful hugs, knowing that this is one of the last games they will ever attend as active members.

As the ceremony comes to an end, game faces are put on. Pumping up the student section, Father Doyle chants, “I am MC, We are MC.” The crowd screams, “Home of the Canes,” and you know it’s game time. The game got off to a great start with quarterback Gavin Scott (11) finding A.J. Golembiewski (11) for a 75 yard touchdown pass on the first play of the night. Playing to halftime with the score tied at seven, the crowd watched the dance team perform, picking out the three seniors who had their own solo within the performance. The game ended with the Hurricanes victorious at a score of 28-15. Brian Niemaszek (11) played a huge role in the Hurricane line-up, scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, giving the Hurricanes a huge lead. The night ended with another win under the Hurricanes’ belt and a great senior Canes farewell.

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