Spirit Week Recap: Friday

Gianna Kolner, Crown Staff

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imageSuper Spirit day ended Homecoming Week on a high note. This theme day entails students dressing up in MC red white and blue, celebrating mass, going to the pep rally, and the long awaited homecoming football game. Most students wore the classic look of jeans and a Marian shirt, while other students got creative. The pep rally was some of the students’ favorite part. The assembly was very intense between the juniors and seniors, both grades competing for the most spirit points. In the end, the seniors won the Spirit Flag after a volleyball tournament, which put them on top in spirit points.Though the seniors did win, the juniors didn’t let them forget who won the title as “Powderpuff Champs” the day before. “Shutdown D” was heard by all throughout the gym, and seniors playfully called back their own responses throughout the assembly. It was all in fun and very entertaining for everyone. Later in the day, Marian hosted Carmel High School for the homecoming game.  The football game was very exciting and suspenseful, and ended in a double overtime. Though we didn’t get the win, everyone was happy to come out and show their spirit as Homecoming Week came to a close.

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