Faith and Freshmen

Skylar Wirtz, Crown Staff

Many freshmen greatly look forward to their first retreat for the beginning of their faith life at Marian.  Some also look forward to hearing what the retreat leaders share about their experience at Marian, and the helpful advice to take throughout high school.  The main focus of the retreat is to introduce freshmen to the life they will live at Marian, and how our school contributes to our faith.

The retreat leaders had planned for weeks to make the day informational and fun for the freshmen.

Freshmen Lilly Sharp described how the retreat had impacted her faith, and taught her how she has to find it in her own way throughout life.   Sharp also enjoyed the conversations had in their small groups, and said they discussed the importance of having a chaste life in high school, and turning to God when faced with bad influences. “I learned that i have my own way of faith and praying that is unique from everyone else’s and that no matter what, it will always be here for me.” said Sharp.  This retreat gives students a great starting point for the faith life they will lead at Marian.