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Twice a school year, Marian Central’s Key Club comes together to provide goods for those in need in our community. Students trained for their specific responsibility and did an incredibly job running the project. A food truck is set up in the parking lot outside the school and the gym is filled with tables of donated clothes, medicine, soap, and home appliances.

The food truck brings students to a new level of appreciation for all that they have. Our goal is to make each person feel at home and comfortable in what might be a not so easy situation. It can be hard to seek outside help, but knowing there are people who are happy to assist makes the stretch less intimidating. Each family in need left Marian on Friday, October 28, with a box full of food and other necessities, along with a touched heart.

What makes this project extraordinary is that it is a very emotional experience. Sometimes those who have very little in their lives can show the most selflessness and compassion for others, and many of the students witnessed this. Elizabeth Aragon (11) explains,“Walking around the food truck with each client, I noticed that they only took what they needed, some did not even take all that was offered to them. This amazed me. How could someone who already needs help themselves put someone else’s needs before their own?”

It is this kind of experience that left students and clients in tears. Lexi Daniello (12) comments, “When we walked back to the car with the cart of groceries I asked to say a prayer with [a client]. After prayer, the woman embraced me in a hug and began to cry.

I realized how grateful everyone was for us only taking 3 hours out of our day to make a difference in their lives.””

— Lexi Daniello (12)

The next Marian Cares will take place this coming spring. Spots are limited so sign up early and invite your friends! The service project is open to all students, not only Key Club members.  

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