What Curse?


Arturo Pardavila III

Flickr Public Domain https://flic.kr/p/NHcxtX

Gianna Kolner, Crown Staff

With the Cubs down 2 games by Game 4, maybe your faith and high hopes began to fade. You were thinking maybe this isn’t our time yet or the curse is real. The thought “there’s always next year,” pops into your head for a slight second, as it seems to every year. But not anymore.

The 2016 Chicago Cubs have separated themselves from this stigma. They make key defensive plays in times of panic, have high baseball IQ’s, have belief in Theo Epstein, are confident in Joe Maddon, and rely heavily on their young players. We are a new generation of Cubs, we don’t believe in curses, and we no longer use them as an excuse. We are no longer average. We are the 2016 Cubs, and we are World Series Champions.

The Cubs had hope heading to games five, six, and seven. They had their three aces coming up to pitch: Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, and Kyle Hendricks. If they won game five, the opportunity would approach to come back to Cleveland, and put power hitter Kyle Schwarber back in the lineup. Jon Lester did just that, and won Game 5, 3-2.  Reigning Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta was on the mound for the Cubs for Game 6, and the Indians “feared the beard” that night. The Cubs beat Cleveland 9-3. Chicago had the momentum going to Game 7, and it was no short of a nail bitter.

The Chicago Cubs in Game seven of the World Series. Dreams are coming true for die hard Cubs fans everywhere.  This is happening and Chicago has been faithful for 108 years. They are ready to fly the final W of the season. Manager, Joe Maddon, put his best lineup out on Wednesday to seal the deal. We had the calm cool and collected Kyle Hendricks on the mound, and Jon Lester in the bullpen. Outfielder, Dexter Fowler led the night off with a homerun and Cubs bats were rolling. In the 6th inning, David Ross hit a solo home run, becoming the oldest player to hit a homerun in Game 7 of the World Series. Cubs fans could almost taste sweet victory, until the bottom of the 8th. The Tribe took advantage of Chapman’s lack of rest and tied up the game 6-6. Going into the bottom of the ninth, Chapman pitched a clean inning keeping the score at six.

Then the rain set in, arguably the turning point of the game. Jason Heyward called the most important meeting of the team’s baseball careers. Whatever Heyward said them, it brought back the spark in their eyes. Every Cubs fan in Cleveland or at home in Chicago have so many thoughts running through there heads. Cubs fans were crying either way that night no matter what happens.

With a lead off single by Schwarber, he created a chain reaction. The Cubs were able to put up 2 runs on the board and created a cushion for the Cubs pitching staff. The young Carl Edwards Jr. pitched two outs, and Mike Montgomery got the save with the last out. The Cubs became champs, winning 8-7.

Call your grandpa, call your great-grandpa, call your uncles and most of all call your dad. For many of them, their childhood dreams have just come true. This could be the day they have been waiting for their entire life. This is more than just a baseball game to them. They have been through the good times and the ugly. They have stayed and will stay faithful for forever. Waking up the next morning and realizing it wasn’t all just a dream feels like winning it all over again. Cubs fans all around the world are bleeding Cubbie blue.

The 2016 Cubs knew the history they were carrying with them. They knew they were playing for the ones who have worn Cubbie blue pin stripes before them. Which makes this saying all the more sweeter,“The Cubs have won the World Series.” This will live on forever. The Championship trophy is here, and it’s finally home.