Life After Marian- The Jake Mueller Story

Marissa Tarzian, Crown Staff

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Jake Mueller graduated from Marian in 2015 and is currently studying at Elgin Community College. His interest in art began with a painting done by Salvador Dali. Mueller said, “It all started when I was in fifth grade  saw a Salvador Dali painting; I liked that he saw things in a way that other people didn’t see them.” From there his love of art grew as he began to see it in nature and the world around him.

Recently, he and another student drew a picture of Johnny Depp. They were given two and a half weeks to do the drawing. The picture was divided into twenty square pieces of paper and each drew a section of the drawing.  At the end, they put all of their sections together, and created a very realistic picture of the actor.

    After college graduation, Mueller hopes to “work in conservation and possibly go to Paris for a painting apprenticeship.” He is interested in conservation because he has always loved the outdoors and wants to help preserve our natural environment. Also, he loves the idea of going to France and being surrounded the art and beauty of Paris. In ten years, he would like to see his work in a popular gallery in Paris being sold and making people think the way Dali made him think. If that doesn’t work out or even if it does, he hopes to be a tattoo artist, and create beautiful works of art on people that will forever make them smile. Wherever life may take him, Mueller certainly has a bright, creative future ahead.

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