Holy Apostles Thanksgiving Food Drive

Stefanie Henkel, Crown Staff

While some families enjoy their thanksgiving meals, they don’t think of how fortunate they are to have the meal in front of them. Though some families aren’t sure where their next meal will come from, and that’s where the volunteers come in. They arrive at The Church of Holy Apostles early in the morning to to package meals for the less fortunate. Some build and tape cardboard boxes together while others line up tables to form an assembly line filled with canned goods and other Thanksgiving essentials. Families of all ages then line up to walk the line and pack the boxes full of food which is generously provided by Meijer. When the boxes are packed, cars line up to pick up the boxes and deliver them to the families in need.  Volunteers then pack the boxes into the cars and send them on their way. One of the volunteers at this event was Marian student Megan Lingle (10). She and her family volunteer at the event every year, and enjoy helping people and giving back to the community. Lingle arrived at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday the 19th and got to work right away. She worked for about 5-6 hours packaging meals and putting boxes into people’s cars. She says her favorite part of volunteering at the event is “seeing people of all ages working for the same cause and doing good while having fun”. Lingle says that through this experience she has gained the virtue of generosity and charity, and the sense of feeling like a good person.