Woodstock’s Wonderland

Annual Lighting of the Square

Woodstock's Wonderland

PC: Annamaria Finzel from The Woodstock Indpendent

Kennidy Giles, Crown Staff

The annual Lighting of the Square that everyone has been waiting for began just after seven o’clock. The Square was packed with friends and family bundled up to watch the lighting. Carolers had almost everyone singing along to  catchy Christmas tunes, and everyone was dressed warm with either hot chocolate or a glowing star in their hands. As for the kids, most were perched on their fathers shoulders just to get a glimpse of Santa Claus, and others were standing close together to keep somewhat warm. After the Mayor of Woodstock, Brian Sager, made his speech about how great this year has been, then it was time to flip the switch.The switch was flipped by Miss Woodstock, Ann Marie Kamps, with the help of Little Miss Woodstock, Lilah Mungle. People held their breaths and gasped in awe when the lights turned on because of how beautiful the place looked. Before the lights were turned on it was hard to look for people, but as soon as the switch was flipped you could see almost every corner of the Square. Shorty after, people were running into the coffee shops or their cars to warm up since they were standing in the cold patiently waiting for the lights. To many this is the beginning of their christmas activities, and will always be a tradition. It may only last for a few minutes, but it brings some many people from all over into one place.