Guys Poms Bring the Heat

Laura Knapp, Crown Staff

It might have been below zero outside, but the guy poms brought the heat at Lander’s Pavilion with the annual Christmas Dance! All their hard work paid off during half time, when they nailed their hilariously entertaining routine.

The junior and senior guys danced to artists from Kesha to Ariana Grande; they executed kick lines and freestyled. They selected their own costumes: ugly christmas sweaters, snap-backs, and pajama pants. The costumes really helped create a fun vibe; one highlight was when the dancers threw gold beads into the crowd. The amazing routine was choreographed and taught to them by their equally amazing partners, the Marian Central Dance team.

The dance team held multiple rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the game, working hard create a clean performance.  “I’ve never felt so in touch with my inner ballerina.”, said Patrick Strutman (12). Clair Vanderbosch (12), a dance team member, said, “Working with the guys is really fun, they really got into the dance.”

The season wouldn’t be complete without this classic Marian tradition, which keeps getting better every year. The Christmas dance always gets everyone in a holiday mood. From students, to alumni, to parents, everyone always has a great time. The season wouldn’t be complete without it! You can check out a full video of the dance on the Marian Central Publications Facebook.