A New Match for Marian

Wrestling Spotlight of Anthony Silva

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A New Match for Marian

Gianna Kolner, Crown Staff

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For Anthony Silva (12), wrestling has always been a prominent part of his life. He is a standout star for Marian’s wrestling program because of Silva’s competitiveness and his drive to never lose. Through Silva’s dedication and commitment he has had a very successful high school career.

Silva started the sport at a young age with his first match was in the third grade. His inspiration to begin wrestling stems from his older brother who also played before him. Silva spent his first three years at Hononegah Community High School until he transferred to Marian to strengthen his faith and challenge himself academically. Silva states that “It’s nice having my uncles as my coaches, but they are a lot harder on me then any regular high school coach would be.” Starting his last season as a high school wrestler, Silva said that this is one of the most memorable seasons yet because it’s his best record season (32-4). 

He describes the transition as a bit nerve-wracking, but it was made easier because the team was close. Silva describes it as “everyone on the team gets along, we love to joke around together. It’s like one big group of friends  just hanging out.”

Silva gave insight about what he thinks make wrestling so difficult and why it’s so much different than any other high school sport. “Staying mentally tough makes wrestling so difficult because it’s mainly a mental game. There is a lot more sacrifice in wrestling because you have to meet a certain weight, so sometimes we have to lower our portion sizes. Wrestling is the only sport where you have to weigh in, which involves a whole new level of commitment.”

At the Newbill wrestling tournament, Silva received his first award of the season and was named “Outstanding Wrestler.” To add to some of his accomplishments, Silva received ESCC All-Conference along with his teammates Anthony Randazzo (11), Adam Konopka (12),  Zach Gustafson (11) and Conor Smith (12). When asked what Silva feels like his biggest individual achievement is, he said “I received third place at a national tournament my sophomore year of high school.”  Silva is also looking forward to being able to continue his career at the collegiate level and has even received offers from  many colleges.  This past weekend Silva, Luke Silva, and Anthony Randazzo all qualified to compete in the 2A IHSA Wrestling State Tournament. We wish him and all of his teammates good luck this weekend!

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