Beauty School Superstar

Theater Make Up Crew Spotlight of Delaney Doherty


Stefanie Henkel, Crown Staff

Creating perfect makeup looks may seem like magic, with eyeshadow blended flawlessly and eyeliner applied sharp. But its actually countless hours of effort and practice until it looks exactly right and one has mastered the technique. One girl who never misses her mark is aspiring makeup artist and Marian sophomore, Delaney Doherty.

Doherty (10) has a passion for makeup and uses her talent in many ways, like in Makeup Crew for the Fall Play and Musical.  She says her makeup takes a long time, and that when doing her own makeup she enjoys watching Netflix documentaries and taking her time to make sure everything is perfect. When doing other people’s makeup, she “enjoys talking to them, because I love to talk”.

Doherty loves to attempt bold and stunning glamour looks. She says, “I love doing avant garde looks because they are very fun and interesting to look at, and there is no way to do them wrong” she says. “Doing bold looks gives me the confidence to walk out in a purple lip, giant wig, and a mountain of highlight.” One popular beauty challenge is the “full face of glitter challenge,” in which makeup artists do a full face of makeup using only glitter based products. Doherty took on this challenge in December of 2016, and created a glamorous silver look (pictured above.)

Doherty has been accepted into several makeup camps and schools. She will attend “The Basics Makeup Class” and “Painted by Fame” at The Makeup Show in Chicago with Bethany Towns. She is also going to Cinema Makeup School, a prestigious creative program in Los Angeles, CA.