Forecast: Chile All Weekend!

2017 Model United Nations Trip

Anthony Silva, Crown Staff

The United Nations held a meeting this past weekend in Chicago to discuss solutions to many of the world’s current problems. It was amazing because all the countries’ leaders were still in high school! Of course, we’re talking about the Model United Nations, not the real organization. This “Model” United Nations assembly is exactly what it sounds like, a simulation carried out by high school students to experience and learn what it takes to keep world order, solve international problems, and forge diplomatic relationships between countries. Marian Central was given the country of Chile this year, and acted as the council and ambassadors of the nation; they even entered the assembly to add their problems and solutions to the agenda. The Model United Nations group from Marian this year included: Dante Bucci (11), Gabby Castro (11), Rebecca Corn (12), Daniel Elder (12), Jacob Fiedler (12), Katelyn Heath (12), Victoria Johnson (11), Grace Knudson (11), Sydney Leidig (11), Emily Miller (12), Jacob Noe (12), Joseph Paffrath (11), Sean Piedmonte (10), Jack Popovich (10), AJ Richter(11), Mariel Ronquillo (12), Julia Tompkins (12) Claire Van Der Bosch(12), Stephanie Villaceran (12), Casey Wells (11), Jayson Wieczorek (12), Sarah Zabala (12), and Kara Zubo (10). Together, they worked to guarantee a brighter future for the country of Chile, and Claire Van Der Bosch performed extra work as a member of the, Brazilian Committee. The main focus for the conference was the causes and effect of radicalism across the world and how to solve it.

Overall, the MUN assembly this year was a fun and successful event. There were a number of students who came from all over the world, which made for an interesting atmosphere. According to Senior MUN member Daniel Elder, “It was really nice to interact with people from all over the world”, and when asked how this year’s event was compared to the past, he said it “was a really good time this year.” This seems to be a common theme among MUN members; this conference is not only great for exploring worldly solutions, but also to forge long lasting friendships.