The Most Dangerous (Pajama) Game

Olivia Suarez, Crown Writer

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In the 1950’s there is a company that makes pajamas and delivers them to stores all around. The problem is that the workers are not getting payed enough so they are trying to get a 71/2 ¢ raise. Myron Hasler, who is the boss of the company gives a promotion to Sid Sorokin so instead of fixing machines, he is now second-in-command. As the workers start to notice they will not be getting a raise, they decide to go on strike. The first part of the strike is that they work very slow so that all the orders will be late getting to the stores. The second part is to purposely sabotage the quality of the pjs by making them either too big or without buttons. Finally, the workers engage in a formal strike with picket signs and chants echoing through the streets. Babe Williams is a woman who knows what she wants in life, except in the case of love. She ends up falling in love with the superintendent, Sorokin, which puts a strain on Babe’s role in the workers’ strike and her relationship with Sid. Will their fledgling relationship be able to withstand the oncoming labor revolution in the pajama industry?

The overall review of the musical is that Nick Edwards (12) and Stephanie Vicelleran (11) are both extremely talented singers . Edwards has been in seven different shows here at Marian, and before that his sister was in many shows and that’s how his love for acting grew. The set changes were fast and productive and also had very good placements. All the chorus members knew their dances and none of the actors forgot their lines. The pit orchestra worked for countless hours during the production season, and on the day of opening night the introduction was a little rough because of nerves. But as the show went on everyone started listening to each other more and soon the music was in perfect harmony with the lyrics. Especially during Sid and Babe’s romantic and beautifully-sounding duet “I Love You More” .

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