Welcome Future Hurricanes!

6th Grade Visit Day

Kailin Fortin, Crown Writer

On Thursday February 16th, Marian invited 6th graders from various feeder schools in the area to come visit the school. These schools include: Montini, St. Mary’s, St. Thomas, and others. The students were split up randomly upon arrival and were able to tour the school while it was in session to get the feel of what it will be like to be a Marian Central student. Each 6th grade student was placed in groups led by mentors to meet new people and concentrate on the tour. The groups were able to visit various classrooms and meet some of the teachers from each department. They were able to see the kind of environment they will be entering in the next few years. The mentor leaders gave off a positive attitude while showing the students around the school. At one station, students were even shown a preview of the spring play, The Pajama Game. The mentor council met on a Wednesday morning to plan the day and met again with the participating mentors the following week. The school band also held meetings to prepare a song to play for the 6th graders, Mentor council leader Abigail Jones (12) commented,  “6th grade visit day went very well. Both the mentors and students had a great time. I think Marian has a lot of great students to look forward to.” It is everyone’s hope that the students enjoyed their visit and are excited  to become future hurricanes.