Smart Club: Keeping the Marian Family Safe

Laura Knapp, Crown Staff

One of the biggest issues facing high schoolers today is the abuse of alcohol and other illegal substances, and it’s getting harder to abstain. Teenage drinking and smoking are constantly glorified in media, and peer pressure is a problem for all high schoolers.

Approximately 2,000 underage drinkers die each year behind the wheel, and alcohol is a factor in a third of all teenage auto fatalities. In this year’s Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey 5.4 percent of 8th graders, 9.8 percent of 10th graders, and 14.3 percent of 12th graders admitted to using some kind of illegal drug in the past year. One group at Marian has dedicated themselves to bringing down these numbers: Smart Club.

Smart Club stands for: Students of Marian Acting Responsibly Together. The group organizes projects aimed at raising awareness regarding the abuse of illegal substances.

Club president Danny Baumert (12), says “Smart Club not only arms people with knowledge, but also brings together like-minded students to support each other and promote a healthy lifestyle.” From giving presentations at Marian and the surrounding feeder schools, making posters, and decorating halls, the club does its best to spread its message to the community, and keep teens safe.

Most recently, the club talked to the sophomore class during their gym classes. In an interactive presentation, the club members shared the dangers of prescription drug abuse and inhalants. “As students I feel like we have a much stronger effect than adults telling kids, ‘Don’t do drugs”’, said member Collin Kwasigroch (12), “We’re just all members of the Marian family trying to look out for each other”.

S.M.A.R.T. club meets every Tuesday after school in the health room; Everyone is welcome!