Making Masterpieces

Paige Tarzian, Crown Staff

Art Club was started by  art teacher, Mrs. Widmayer. She started the club as “an opportunity for kids that do not take art as a class to be able to be creative.” The club is open to everyone, from Art 4 students to someone who has never stepped foot into the art room, anyone is welcome to drop on by and have fun. In joining art club, students get to have a creative outlet outside of the busy day. Students are able to work on anything they want during the time of the club, if they need to finish a project from class or if they just want to make some clay pottery, they are welcome to do either. In art club students can work on many things; drawing, clay work, etc. Mrs. Widmayer will help anyone with anything they want to work on, and will help them better their art. She is willing to teach you new skills or harness your old ones. Even if a student has never touched a slab of clay before, in this club Mrs. Widmayer will help the student learn how to mold any clay item that can be made. Grace Gibson said that “art club is a good place to wind down and make some good pottery”. This relaxed and informative environment encourages students to go outside of their comfort zone. They can come and enjoy their time while creating beautiful things and having fun with classmates.