Marian Home to Future Hockey Stars

Conor Smith, Crown Staff

What do Marian and the NHL have in common? They both host a collection of great hockey teams that are battling for a title. It is hockey season again and this year, the Marian Floor Hockey League (MFHL) has a total of eight quality teams competing, under the supervision of Father Doyle, the league’s referee. 

First up, there is a returning legacy team, The Spell-Casting Elf Lordez, who have a decent stack of athletes that keep intensity on a physical defense, as well as a barrage-style offense. Then there is the all-junior team, the Benderz, who have a few experienced hockey players to use at their advantage, much like the next team, Brotherhood of Öats, who have the Schmidt brothers and other impressive players, who create a powerhouse offense and defense that are to be reckoned with. Other contenders, such as Trump Train, The Ellen Show, Floor Hockey Team, and Danger 10, are teams putting up good fights for a spot in the playoffs, without having the great experience on the ice as the other teams have. And finally, there is the all girls team, Chicks with Sticks, who put a formidable effort on a court dominated by all male, or mostly male, teams.

Statistics for this season so far have been record-setting. Andrew Samonek leads the league in the most goals, with an impressive total of eight, and is followed by Brett Seegers with a total of six. Leading the league in saves as goalie is currently Patrick Brunken with a large total of 34 followed closely by Ryan Grossman and Charlie Reyes with a total of 29 saves. With the least goals allowed, Hunter Schmidt has had a perfect season in letting in absolutely no goals, while Evan Caselton, Mike Hucek, and Moses Vasquez are tied for second with one goal allowed. And to lead the league in penalties, Anthony Malmgren holds that record with a total of two while a large group holds a tie for second with one penalty.

As week five ends, we have the results of the playoffs. Entering the playoffs, 0-1-2, both Trump Train and Floor Hockey Team entered the first round of consolation playoffs with Trump Train facing the 0-0-3 Chicks with Sticks and Floor Hockey Team and the 1-0-2 Danger 10 receiving a bye week. In the final four,  it was a rematch between the undefeated Brotherhood of Öats and the 2-0-1 Benderz, while the undefeated Ellen Show took on the 2-0-1 Spell-Casting Elf Lordez.

Brotherhood of Oats ultimately won on Thursday night, claiming the Marian Division title, and Spell-Casting Elf Lordez prevailed to win the Central Division title. Both games ended in an overtime goal, one by Dan Scheper of Spell-Casting Elf Lordez and one by Carson Schmidt of Brotherhood of Öats.

Brotherhood of Öats forward Sam Guilbeault (12) said that “we had to get into the right mentality, and we had to come in here tonight not expecting an easy win. We knew we had to try our best and leave it all on the court.”

When asked about his success, Dan Shepard (12) of Spell-Casting Elf Lordez says his strategy was “to just wing it. Come out here and do what I do best: score goals and make plays. That’s all it is.”

Tensions ran high, sticks went flying, and bodies hit the court. Through all of the blood sweat and tears, two teams emerged and will face off next week to put it all on the line to win the championship and be immortalized in the memories of all who witness the amazing battle of skill, emotion, and ferocity that is Marian Central Floor Hockey.