New Uniform Jackets


Jenna Walker, Crown Staff

Marian has added a new item to their uniform policy, a uniform jacket. It is a black fleece pullover jacket that can go over your polo or sweater uniform.  This is an optional purchase so students don’t have to get it if they don’t want to. When a student is chilly they are able to put these jacket on to keep warm. We used to be able to wear a Marian sweatshirt but this rule has been changed, and I believe this is because the staff doesn’t like how the random sweatshirts looked so they made these jackets to become more unified.

There are two styles of the jackets, one is a zip-up and the other is a quarter zip. Between the two, the more popular one is the quarter zip. Since this is the first year we have had the jackets, they aren’t very popular because most seniors aren’t interested in buying them since they’re almost done with school. In the coming years, however, I can see these jackets growing in popularity. The majority of the new freshman next year will most likely purchase one, and in the years to follow will become accustomed to buying them.

All students have different opinions about the new jackets whether it be good or bad. Isabel Rost (12) says, “I love the new jackets because they’re a great option for people like me who get cold all the time. I like the full zip one the best because it’s so easy to change in or out of since classrooms have such differences in temperatures.” The new jackets seem worth the money for those who get cold and want to stay comfy so go ahead and buy one if you’re interested.