A Tale as Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast Film Review


Kennidy Giles, Crown Staff

The enchanting story of a young girl named Belle who is taken prisoner by the Beast in his old and magical castle is coming to theaters soon. The classic story of Beauty and the Beast is told once more by director Bill Condon. The star ,Emma Watson, plays the gorgeous and courageous Belle, while Dan Stevens plays the frightening beast. Emma Watson seems like a perfect fit to play Belle from her looks to her voice. Along with her physical features Watson’s acting seems to really take on the perfect character for Belle. The settings and backgrounds from the trailer look just as similar to the original, but modernized a little.  A scary old castle with talking appliances and objects does not make Belle going running away, but she stays and comes to enjoy everything inside the castle including the beast. The trailers that have been released are showing a lot of promise for this film. Of course the music of Beauty and the Beast must go alone with the story, and the newer versions fit well to the newer version of the movie. Not only is this movie going to be big for children, it will also attract the young adults who watched the original animated version as children. Many people will be comparing this to the classic, and hopefully they will turn out to very similar. I am very excited to see this movie, and I believe they will do a great job of portraying the story of Belle and her Beast.