Brains Over Brawn

Brains Over Brawn

Laura Knapp, Abigail Noe, Crown Staff

When most people think of sports they picture “classics” like baseball and football, full of physical, athletic competition. However, there is one sport here at Marian redefining that ideal: scholastic bowl.

Despite being very different from other typical high school athletics, scholastic bowl has been recognized as an IHSA sport since 1996. Players compete in teams of five to six players, buzzing in before time is up to answer questions and score points. Questions vary from advanced mathematics to classic literature, giving students of all strengths opportunities to excel. Even though the competitors do not know what questions they will be asked at the competitions, they prepare by going through practice matches with old questions.  They spend usually two days a week practicing for upcoming competitions. Scholastic bowl teams compete in invitational tournaments comprised of intense head-to-head games throughout the year in preparation for to make a run for the state title. Every competition the team has to think outside of the box and put their knowledge to the test.

Marian’s own scholastic team had a great season this year, beginning with an 5-0 undefeated showing at the Stevenson season kickoff, followed by a 8-1 finish at the Fenton tournament, and a second place finish at Masonic. Joseph Noonan (10) stated, “I really enjoy playing; incoming freshman should definitely join.”

Scholastic Bowl is a great way to meet students and discover hidden talents. Many students have been able to make good relationships with friends that they might’ve not met without the team. Jake Fiedler (12) has been the team captain since his sophomore year. When asked about the last four years, he responded, “Playing scholastic bowl at Marian has been a great experience; I have developed as a player and a leader thanks to this team.”