The New Nintendo Switch


Stefanie Henkel, Crown Staff

The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd  is a new way to game that has been long awaited by gamers everywhere. The switch looks like a tablet with a remote attached on either side. The Nintendo Switch has many ways to be played, you can hook it up to your TV and play on the screen, you can detach the remotes and play multiplayer, or you can play on the screen that is on the actual console using the side controllers. Even the game cartridges themselves have changed. In the past, the small game cartridges have been a serious choking hazard for children and animals. To fix this problem Nintendo has coated their game cartridges in a bitter substance  to prevent kids and animals from possibly choking on them. Sophomore Caleb Kwasigroch got his hands on the switch the day it came out. He says in order to get one he went to the midnight release and stood outside in a very long line. Kwasigroch said the Switch is different from other gaming devices because,  “Not only is it a regular home console but it can also be taken with you just as a portable console. So you’re playing literal console games on the go.” Kwasigroch also mentioned that the console comes with joycons you can play with, and if you decide you don’t like the feel of the joycons there are almost 5 different configurations of the controller set ups that can be arranged. When I asked Kwasigroch for his personal opinion on the game he said, “My opinion, as  a nintendo fanboy, this is a dream come true!”. He also gave his advice for anyone who is looking to buy a switch, “From a standard consumer’s point of view, $300 for a launch price for a console is very reasonable, considering that the PlayStation 4 launched at $400 and the Xbox one launched at a whopping $500 so I highly recommend picking one up.”  In conclusion the Nintendo switch, since being released is in high demand and people seem to love it.