Decision 2017

Senior College Commitments


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Meredith Bryan, Crown Staff

For Marian Central’s class of 2017, the college commitment deadline of May 1 is fast approaching. Though most applications to universities have been submitted, our seniors are still working hard submitting scholarship essays. By now most universities have sent out either acceptance or rejection letters, so now is the time for seniors to make the important decision.

From the past senior class of 2015, 97.8% of students enrolled in college, .5% joined the military, 1.2%, enrolled in a trade school, and 1.2% were undecided. Compared to the national average of 65.9% pursuing college, this is outstanding.

Mrs. Diamond’s advice to seniors at this point in the year is, “Be certain to take a look at all of the financial aid packages. If you are still torn between a few schools, taking an overnight visit can be very helpful. Also taking an overnight visit with a current student and visiting a class while there can help in the decision making process.”

Making a pros and cons list can be a huge help. It’s also a good idea to notify all the other schools you have been accepted to in order to inform them if you have decided to go elsewhere.””

— Mrs. Diamond

The senior class of 2015 received $24.3 million in scholarship money. This amazing accomplishment is due to the amazing education and guidance department that Marian Central offers. The guidance office offers help with scholarships to students that pertain to a student’s grade point average, township he or she belong to, or major he or she is pursuing. Deadlines to these scholarships range, so be sure to remain organized even in this final semester of senior year.