Keep up the Good Work, Charlie Brown!

The entire cast of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown poses for an in-character shot.

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

The production season for this year’s spring “Black Box” musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is off to a great start! The cast and crew are currently in their third week of rehearsals, and the show is starting to come together quite nicely. Blocking for all scenes has been completed, so the cast is now focusing their attention on vocal work and choreography. As for the crew, during rehearsals the set construction crew has been very hard at work creating some of the most basic set pieces needed for the show. Little by little, set pieces are getting finished and put on stage so the actors can get more of a feel for how the stage will be set for the final show. All in all, rehearsals are going very smoothly for the cast and crew, and, most importantly, both sides of the production team are having fun putting together this incredibly fun and hilarious musical.