Get Ready For a “Run”derful Season!

Abby Noe and Crown Staff

Track season is right around the corner, and students are busy practicing and training for this year’s season. The athletes are becoming stronger every practice to prepare for meets, and everyone is excited to be apart of the team. Whether it’s a student’s first year in track or their last, the whole team is working hard and pushing their speeds and strengths to the limit so they can succeed this year.

Although they are one team. everyone’s goals are different.  “This year I want to place well in meets and improve in my skills,” says Aiden Seaver (9).  This is just one example of many goals all the athletes have.  Students may join track to gain strength, get faster, make new friends, or just to try a new sport.  In any case, everyone accepts each other no matter what the reason is on why they are there.

This year’s coaches are Andrea Radcliffe, Marcus Robinson, Stephanie Edhart, Adam Zanck, and Mike Milanovich.  Each coach specializes in a certain section of track, whether it’s sprints, hurdles, long distance running, throwing, or any other category.  “Each section of our track team has it’s own coach.  This helps a lot because the coaches know exactly how to improve our abilities since they’re so familiar with their category,” says Jenna Walker (12).  The team practices everyday after school.  They have two managers who come to every practice and meet to help out, Olivia Suarez (10) and Mrs. Poci.

Please come out and support our Marian Central Track Team at their meets!