Seniors Take on the Overnight Retreat


Jenna Walker, Crown Staff

Marian students are required to go on one retreat every year, and it is always a worthwhile experience. Some students may take them for granted, but in college-when they aren’t required- we miss the organized time to reflect and pray.

Most retreats are about finding yourself and being happy with who you are, but this retreat was mostly about being a stress reliever. During senior year, there are a lot of things to stress about, such as college, graduation, and exams. The Senior Overnight Retreat consisted of many talks which were followed by small groups, games, and free time to get closer to our classmates.

Many seniors are going to college next year, and stress comes along with that. This retreat was supposed to help us get away from our usual stressful lives and not focus on school. I can tell that this was a much needed retreat for some people. We are all so caught up in our future, that we can feel like we aren’t really living in the present. This retreat helped everyone wind down and focus on the present, which is important because that is when we make memories that will last a lifetime.We were all able to just enjoy each other’s company. Our lunch time was much longer than normal lunches at Marian and it gave us the opportunity to talk to people we wouldn’t normally talk to.

During our free time, some of us would go outside and explore. There was a beautiful trail we could go on in the forest, there was a small pond with a bridge that we could cross and look down into the river. All of the scenery was incredible.

There was also a time when we could go to adoration to just sit with God and pray in complete silence. This was a very relaxing moment for many students. We were able to forget about the outside world, and focus on being with God. We were also given the opportunity to go to confession, which some students took advantage of, including myself. Aside from being with God, we played some fun games. One of which included a cabbage pageant. Each small group was given a cabbage, and they had to use their resources to make it look like a winner. We also had an activity where two groups would go up argue about a menial subject that was given to them, and the retreat leaders would vote to see which side had the better argument. Little things like this made such a difference in forgetting about all the worries at home and school. It was nice to leave the retreat so happy and thankful for everything that God has given us. Leaving retreats helps one remember the little things in life that are more important than we think.