A True Friend…of Rachel

FOR Spotlight: Maureen Murray


Abigail Noe, Crown Staff

Throughout her years at Marian, senior Maureen Murray has been a dedicated member of the Friends of Rachel Club.  She has been a leader since her freshman year, and is currently the club’s president. .

When Murray first came to Marian, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to join Friends of Rachel or not. However,  this all changed after she attended her first club meeting and fell in love with it.  One of the things she enjoys about the club is that there are so many easy and fun ways to bring the school and community together.  Club advisor, Kelly Hilton, has been proud of Murray specifically for her dedication to the club’s cause.  “Even as a sophomore leader she not only had good ideas, but she also shared them and then put them into action,” says Mrs. Hilton.  This is just one good quality Murray carries into the club, yet it can make a big difference.

Friends of Rachel has taught Murray about who she is and who she wants to be as a person.  She explains, “Friends of Rachel and Rachel’s Challenge has taught me that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference, for both me personally and whoever I was kind to.”  Since joining the club, Murray has encouraged others to join and love the club just as much as she does.  Murray says, “I love that so many of my friends have joined the club and are always willing to help out.  It’s so much fun when all of our members are part of a big project.”  Even though Friends of Rachel has taught Murray a lot about who she is, her mother has also been a huge influence in her life, “ My mom has taught me how to use leadership and organizational skills to bring people together, which is such an important part of strengthening friendships and relationships in our school. Building these strong relationships is the goal of the Friends of Rachel Club,” says Murray.  These traits and values Murray has learned throughout the years continue to help her in the club, in school, and in her personal life.

Though Murray’s Marian career is coming to an end soon, she continues to make the best of each day by doing small acts of kindness just as the club has taught her to do.  She hopes the club will continue to thrive and grow after she graduates this spring.  “The Friends of Rachel Club is great to be involved with, especially if you’re not sure what clubs and activities to join as a freshman!” says Maureen.  Marian wishes Murray the best of luck at Xavier University in Cincinnati next year and thanks her for her service and dedication to Friends of Rachel.