Baseball is “Fun”


Gianna Kolner, Crown Staff

The game of baseball takes practice, patience, and dedication. Senior James Raffauf is very familiar with these values. Through hard work and a little help from Marian’s baseball program, Raffauf has learned valuable lessons from his teammates, coaches, and the game itself. Even from a young age, baseball had always been a prominent part of Raffauf’s life. He began playing because it was just something he enjoyed doing. He said he “owes it to his mom for signing him up.” Raffauf knew he wanted to be apart of the team when he transferred to Marian. As his three years finish up, he shared that the most important lesson he learned was “how to pick myself up after a tough loss.”  

When asked about his attitudes towards the game, he said “it’s pretty fun.” One of things that has stood out as a great memory to Raffauf was “doubleheaders on Saturdays”. Head Coach Tom Kruse describes James as a “vital part of the team and truest baseball player at Marian. The team can always rely on him to do his absolute best.” While James is usually their first pitcher, he also plays second base, third base, shortstop, and designated hitter.

Being a senior this year, he felt like he took on more of a leadership role and is excited to see the improvement of his team as a whole.Through his time at Marian, he has created memories with his classmates and teammates he will always carry with him after high school. Baseball had made a major impact and “ has brought me to where I am today” he says. After graduation, Raffauf will be attending Heartland Community College where he plans to continue playing ball.